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Panaracer presents the Crusher in the Tushar – Which Tire Will You Choose?2016.07.01

On July 9th, the small town of Beaver, Utah, will once again play host to the Crusher in the Tushar. Now in its sixth edition, the race is famed for the varied terrain, rendering almost all equipment choices terrible at some point during the 70 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing. Panaracer is happy to be on board as the official tire supplier of the race. The Panaracer GravelKing range of tires covers all eventualities, ensuring that no matter what bike you’re lining up on, there will be an appropriate tire to match.   
The GravelKing SK range feature an aggressive tread designed to roll fast but still corner well on the loose descents found in the Tushar Mountains. The hair-raising descent into the Piute Valley at Mile 22 of the course will suit this tire, allowing riders to rail corners and be confident of coming out the other side pointing in the right direction.  Shortly after, the route returns to pavement for the roll into the town of Junction. This five mile section of paved roads would suit the faster rolling GravelKing line. 
The GravelKing tires are designed for rough pavement and dirt roads. Perhaps less suited to the roughest sections of the course, these tires are still hardy enough to withstand 70 miles of rough riding. The 32c version is as wide as most traditional cyclocross tires, ensuring that you have the cushioning to push through the rocky terrain. Riders looking to gain an advantage on the smoother sections of the course will likely opt for one of these treads.  
The finish line sits atop the famed four mile long climb to Eagle Point Ski Area. At an elevation of 10,500 feet above sea level, the climb is notorious for breaking the soul of riders on their run in to the finish. The prevailing sentiment at the end of the race has always been “I chose the wrong bike!”. At Panaracer we know there is a GravelKing tire that is suitable for every rider in the field. It’s down to you to find out which tire that is!