Life Cycling Partner

Brand Slogan & Message:

Since its invention 200 years ago,
the bicycle has taken on various shapes and uses,
yet has come to be adored by everyone,
regardless of who you are and where you ride.
On the bike and throughout our lives, we seek forward progress.
The bicycle is there to carry us, and the tires carry the bicycle.

Life is cycling.

Life is a cycle. And in this cycle, some seek distance and power. Others pursue style.
Some require unparalleled safety and reliability, while others search for joy.

In an era that demands continuous endeavour,
Panaracer is your source of power and passion.
Your ally and your partner.

We are a brand for all cyclists.
We are a cycling partner for life.
We are Panaracer.

Life Cycling Partner

At Panaracer, using our long-accumulated technologies and innovations,
we are drastically changing the course of our business.
In line with this transformation, we are renewing our brand slogan and identity. Our new logo has been modernized into a sharper, more simple form,
representing an ever-rolling set of tires.

Our new corporate color will be purple and symbolize a new Panaracer.

Termed “Panaracer Purple,”

the new color mixes a pink that conveys our passion with
our conventional blue, which signifies dawn.
We have also created a powerful new logomark to represent an ever-rolling set of tires.