Handling of personal information

    Handling of personal information

    1:Company name and entity in charge of protecting personal information

    Panaracer Corporation

    2:Purpose of use of personal information

    • [1]Identifying users

    • [2]Responding to, confirming and recording inquiries and questions

    3:Providing personal information

    If a response from one of our affiliated companies is deemed appropriate to a “product inquiry” that has been submitted, the customer’s name, contact details and other collected personal information may be provided as paper-based or electronic files to our affiliated companies.

    In this case, customers may request our company to cease providing their personal information to our affiliated companies.

    4:Outsourcing the handling of personal information

    Part or all of the handling of the collected personal information may be outsourced within the scope required for the purpose of use outlined above.

    5:Disclosing and other actions pertaining to applicable personal information

    If requested by the specific individual, our company will notify and disclose the purpose of use, amend, add or delete details, cease the use of, and delete or stop providing (disclose, etc.) the applicable personal information held by our company.

    6:recautions when entering personal information

    • [1]In some cases, inquiries may be addressed the next business day and on if they are received when the office is closed for an extended period such as weekends, pubic holidays, or during the year-end and New Year holidays, or there may be other reasons for the time taken for a response.

    • [2]Note that unauthorized transfer or secondary use of part or all of the response provided from our company without permission is prohibited under the Copyright Act.

    7:Handling of personal information using methods that individuals may not easily recognize

    Personal information is not collected using methods such as cookies or web beacons that individuals may not easily recognize.