The LOWEST Rolling Resistance in Panaracer Ever.

AGILEST FAST incorporates “F-materials” ,
meticulously crafted to maximize the potential of each component.
It challenges conventional notions about road bike tires by
achieving a rare balance of reduced rolling resistance and high grip performance.

The New Premium Flagship in Panaracer’s Lineup of clincher tires.

In comparison to the prior high-performance model,
“RACE A EVO4,” AGILEST FAST boasts a remarkable reduction in rolling resistance,
approximately 45%* less than its predecessor and about 20%* less than the current AGILEST models.
(*Results derived from in-house testing on clincher tires.)

Rolling Resistance Chart


The grip was outstanding, and I could distinctly sense the connection with the road surface, resulting in the fastest and safest downhill ride I’ve ever experienced. Regarding ride quality, AGILEST FAST offers a remarkably comfortable experience, with vibrations being gentle on the body, especially when compared to AGILEST LIGHT.

Naoya Yoshioka

Saitama Nasu Sun Brave

Overall, I’m impressed with AGILEST FAST. It has a lightweight feel during rolling, and its handling performance is direct. The lateral suppleness while cornering is excellent, and even at the bottom of corners, AGILEST FAST exhibits impressive grip performance.

Rei Onodera

Utsunomiya Blitzen

Innovative “F Material”

“AGILEST FAST” incorporates the cutting-edge “F material” developed in-house,
with the added application of electron beam irradiation to unleash the material’s full potential.

  • 「転がり抵抗 ✕ 耐パンク性能」/  AF BELT (AGILE-F BELT)


    Lower Rolling Resistance x High Puncture Protection

  • 「転がり抵抗 ✕しなやかさ」/ AGILE-F CASING


    Lower Rolling Resistance x Suppleness

  • 「転がり抵抗 ✕ グリップ」/ ZSG AGILE-F COMPOUND


    Lower Rolling Resistance x Strong Grip Performance


    By applying electron beam (electron beam) irradiation to the surface treatment of materials, the fluidity control, heat resistance, and strength of materials are dramatically improved.

“Black Rainbow”: Various Changing Colors Depending on How You Ride

Various Changing Colors Depending on How You Ride AGILEST FAST represents the pinnacle of the AGILEST series.
The packaging and label of “AGILEST FAST” feature a captivating “Black Rainbow” color
that dynamically changes with the viewing angle.
This unique color scheme in the packaging and tire labels enhances the appeal for all riding styles.
It serves as Panaracer’s premium flagship model,
designed to accommodate a wide variety of riding preferences.

packagetire label

Size compatibility chart

*Sizes marked in red are the sizes used when designing our road tires.
The tire width may vary due to different inner widths from rim/wheel manufacturers and the air pressure you use.
×:Panaracer does not recommend this combination
⚠:Using this combination could subject you and your bicycle to risk of damage or injury