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Introducing the 2022 Limited Edition Gravelking Colors!2022.04.28

It’s the season for the Gravelking color edition, and this year’s colors are “Ginger” and “Astral Blue”. 

Choosing colors for the yearly limited editions is never easy but the time is right for a “Ginger” Gravelking.  

The visual impact will make you stand out on the trail and in the forests while providing that famous Gravelking ride quality. 



The “Astral Blue” is a natural blue color and is associated with a calm, sunny day, or a quiet lake you might come upon when riding a new trail. According to one theory, the color was inspired by a work clothes in a factory where they make tires!  


Gravelking models offered are: 

The original Gravelking for tarmac and light gravel riding 


The aggressive but smooth rolling knobby Blocks on our Gravelking SK 

Or the Gravelking SS Semi-Slick if you’re needs are for a fast rolling and control-oriented tire. 

Both Ginger and Astral Blue are available in brownwall only. 

All models utilize the following tech: 

“ZSG natural compound” Our long lasting and abrasion resistant compound made for a wide range of temperatures. 

“AX-a casing” Supple and strong. Providing all day comfort. 

“Anti-Flat Casing” protects against sidewall cuts and punctures. 

Panaracer’s proprietary tech will carry you wherever you want to go no matter how far and wide your ride might be. 

The Limited Edition Gravelking is produced only once a year. When it’s sold out there won’t be any more made. 

Product information (Weight)/Product code 
Gravelking    Ginger × Brown (290g)/ RF732-GK-D-D  
Gravelking SK  Ginger × Brown(330g)/ RF732-GKSK-D-D 
Gravelking SS  Ginger × Brown (330g)/ RF732-GK-SS-D-D 
Gravelking    Astral Blue × Brown (290g)/ RF732-GK-LN-D 
Gravelking SK  Astral Blue× Brown (330g)/ RF732-GKSK-LN-D 
Gravelking SS  Astral Blue× Brown (330g)/ RF732-GK-SS-LN-D 

Gravelking     Ginger× Brown (340g)/  RF738-GK-D-D 
Gravelking SK  Ginger× Brown (430g)/  RF738-GKSK-D-D 
Gravelking SS  Ginger × Brown (410g)/  RF738-GK-SS-D-D 
Gravelking     Astral Blue × Brown (340g)/  RF738-GK-LN-D 
Gravelking SK  Astral Blue × Brown (430g)/  RF738-GKSK-LN-D 
Gravelking SS  Astral Blue × Brown (410g)/  RF738-GK-SS-LN-D 


Bike/ Tires

 Shin-customcycles-Order Frame / 700×32C GravelKing SK Astral Blue

EXTAR PROTON – Order Frame(Produce by Bicycle Studio MOVEMENT ) / 700×38C GravelKing SS Astral Blue 

FUJI-JARI CARBON 1.3 / 700×38C GravelKing SK Ginger 

RIDLEY – Kanzo Fast / 700×32C GravelKing Ginger 







Kosuke Nishikawa