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Poly-Lite Rim Tape


Poly-Lite Rim Tape is a thin tough shield to protect your tube from the rim and spoke nipples. Road and Mountain rim width sizes available. Great insurance against flats. Why take a risk that your tube may sustain damage from the rim itself. Poly-lite is the very light way to go.

Product code Specifications
RPL2015HE H/E 20x15mm
RPL2018HE H/E 20x18mm
RPL2615 H/E 26x15mm
RPL2618 H/E 26x18mm
RPL650AB15 27.5(650A/B)×15mm
RPL650AB18 27.5(650A/B)×18mm
RPL70015 700, 27, 29x15mm
RPL70018 700, 27, 29x18mm

Product code

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