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Experience the Next Generation of sealant technology.


Optimized formula for eazy injection (thorough valve too), long-lasting protection, and enhanced durability.
Experience the Next Generation of sealant technology.

The grain size of walnut shells has been optimized and the formula redesigned to seal puncture holes with smaller particles only.
The sealant from the valve is now less likely to clog when it is inserted.

The sealant liquid has also been improved, making it more resistant to drying out and maintaining performance for a longer period of time than previous products.

※Only 120mL with 60mm long injection tube

▶︎ 1000mL BTS-1000EX ・ROAD BIKE: Approximately 15 – 30 tires
・MTB: About 8 – 20 tires
▶︎ 500mL BTS-500EX ・ROAD BIKE: Approximately 8 – 15 tires
・MTB: About 4 – 10 tires
▶︎ 120mL BTS-120EX ・ROAD BIKE: Approximately 2 – 4 tires
・MTB: About 1 – 2 tires
■Amount of use(a pair of tire)
・ROAD BIKE Approximately 60-90mL
・GRAVEL/CYCLO CROSS Approximately 90-120mL
・MTB(26″/27.5″) Approximately 90-120mL
・MTB (29″) Approximately 120-150mL


Instruction Manual (Seal Smart EX) : Coming soon

Product code Specifications
BTS-1000EX 1000mL/ Walunt shell grains, Road:Approximately 15~30 tires, MTB:Approximately 8~20 tires
BTS-500EX 500mL/ Walunt shell grains, Road:Approximately 8~15 tires, MTB:Approximately 4~10 tires
BTS-120EX 120mL/ Walunt shell grains, Road:Approximately 2~4 tires, MTB:Approximately 1~2 tires
*w/60mm long injection tube

Product code

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