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1st GSeal Smart

Hypoallergenic tire sealant using a natural rubber compound (latex).


Tire sealant developed by pairing hypoallergenic latex rubber compound with walnut shells. The sealant is safer for users with skin allergies, and provides excellent sealing when used with Tubeless Compatible tires.


Instruction Manual (Seal Smart)

Product code Specifications
BTS-1000 1000mL,Walunt shell grains, Road:about 15~30 tires, MTB:about 8~20 tires
BTS-500 500mL,Walunt shell grains, Road:about 8~15 tires, MTB:about 4~10 tires
BTS-120 120mL,Walunt shell grains, Road:about 2~4 tires, MTB:about 1~2 tires

Product code

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